Welcome to the world of Super Hamster Havoc

The world has been overrun by the Rat Menace. You and your comrades in arms are members of the Elite Hamster Strike Squad Havoc, assigned to fight against the forces of the evil Rat Menace who’ve overtaken Old Earth. Blast your way through waves of rodent enemies and take back your world. But in a place like this, where every ally could be a potential enemy, you’ll need to outmaneuver just as much as you shoot – if not more!

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Bring on the chaos and mayhem. Super Hamster Havoc is a top-down twin stick multiplayer arena shooter that’s all about frantic action and fun party game modes. Play as either one of The Havoc, an elite hamster strike squad, or The Rat Menace; a ragtag group of renegades fighting for survival. Rush around colorful environments battling it out in quick rounds across various game modes. Fight with a wide array of weapons, explosives and kill streaks to dominate every game you play.

You can play split screen both offline and online!

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